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The DL3 sets a new standard for encrypted portable storage. It truly is security that is simply secure. No software is ever needed to manage, encrypt or deploy the DL3. The DataLocker Configurator is a tool that allows an administrator to rapidly configure and deploy DL3 units for an organization. Create and save security policies and protocols, and rapidly set-up your users’ individual DL3 devices.

DataLocker DL3 FE Encrypted External Hard Drive The DL3 FE FIPS Edition sets a new standard for encrypted portable storage. It is the first and only encrypted external. DataLocker DL3. Data Locker DL3 256-bit USB 3.0 encrypted external storage. Strong Password Feature for DL3/DL3 FE. The DL3 allows the administrator to enforce strong password rules for authentication. With the Strong Password feature enabled, all passwords must meet the f.

authentication performed on the DL3 unit Supports two roles: Administrator to set policy, User to access data Strong password rule non sequential, repeating, alphanumeric, minimum 8 characters Compatible with DataLocker SafeConsole ® to manage multiple devices Firmware 2.21 or higher Multi-lingual user interface English, French. DataLocker DL3 User Guide 5. You can navigate the Setup menu using the function buttons listed, or go back to the Connect menu by pressing the Return button in the top left corner of Setup menu.

- Login into your DL3 drive with the Admin password and touch [CONNECT] on the DL3 screen. - Verify the DL3 has connected to the computer and that the drive's LED light above the screen is lit. 2. CONNECT YOUR DEVICE AND RUN THE EXECUTABLE. - Once connected, double click on the Firmware Updater to execute the updater. General utilities DataLocker Disk Formatter Tool DataLocker Safe USB Eject Tool DL3/DL3FE DL3 Configurator User Guide Device firmware updates Firmware Updates DataLocker Support Welcome. On occasion - for example, after self-destructing your DL3 - you will need to initialize and reformat the drive to make it usable again. Initializing Your Drive: Touch the Start screen. Follow the onscreen prompts, touching Yes and Continu. DataLocker specializes in AES encryption, Secure Hard Drives & Flash Drives, USB 3.0, Central Management, Innovative Cloud Encryption & More. Founded in 2007.

With many people turning to USB external storage devices because of growing file sizes and larger amounts of data, protecting lost or stolen devices – and the information stored in them – is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. DataLocker's line of encrypted hard drives and secure USB flash drives are designed to meet the diverse needs of.

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