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PROC SURVEYMEANS uses ODS Graphics to create graphs as part of its output. Available statistical graphics include histograms and summary panel plots for continuous variables, box plots, and domain box plots. For more information, see Chapter 118: The SURVEYMEANS Procedure. ODS Output of Proc SurveyMeans for a Bobcat Hunter Survey Rebecca Frederick & E. Barry Moser, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center Greg Linscombe & Mike Olinde, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

There are three ways to suppress ODS output in a SAS procedure: the NOPRINT option, the ODS EXCLUDE statement, and the ODS CLOSE statement. This article compares the various ways in terms of efficiency, ease of use, and portability. Some of this material is taken from Chapter 6 p. 97-100 of Simulating Data with SAS Wicklin, 2013. In SAS the SD values is measured using PROC MEAN as well as PROC SURVEYMEANS. Using PROC MEANS. To measure the SD using proc means we choose the STD option in the PROC step. It brings out the SD values for each numeric variable present in the data set. Syntax. The basic syntax for calculating standard deviation in SAS is − PROC means DATA.

Creating Statistical Graphics with ODS in SAS. SURVEYMEANS SURVEYPHREG SURVEYREG TPSPLINE TRANSREG TTEST VARCLUS VARIOGRAM Other HPF HPFENGINE HPFMM SAS Risk. ODS PROC KDE sasuser Item store ODS Graphics Editor New graph sashelp Item store You can control the graph and style template. EXAMPLE 3: Using PROC MEANS to find OUTLIERS. PROC MEANS is a quick way to find large or small values in your data set that may be considered outliers see PROC UNIVARIATE also. This example shows the results ofusing PROC means where the MINIMUM and MAXIMUM identify unusual values inthe data set. PROCMEANS3.SAS. This was all in SAS Standard Deviation Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation. 4. Conclusion. Hence, you understood What is SAS Standard Deviation and how we can calculate standard deviation using two procedures the SAS PROC MEANS procedure and the SAS PROC SURVEYMEANS procedure. Proc SurveyCorr Jessica Hampton, CCSU, New Britain, CT ABSTRACT This paper provides background information on survey design, with data from the Medical Expenditures Panel Survey MEPS as an example. SAS® survey procedures in SAS/STAT used to analyze such data sets include PROC SURVEYMEANS, PROC SURVEYFREQ, PROC SURVEYREG, and PROC SURVEYLOGISTIC. Example 15.6: Creating an Output Data Set from an ODS Table The ODS OUTPUT statement creates SAS data sets from ODS tables. In the following example, the GENMOD procedure is invoked to perform Poisson regression and part of the resulting procedure output is written to a SAS data set.

If you do not submit the ods graphics on; statement, SAS will give you all of the output from proc surveymeans except for the graphs. There will be a warning in the log file indicating that ODS graphics must be turned on in order to get the graphs. As you probably already know, it works with PROC MEANS, but not with PROC SURVEYMEANS. Any ideas on how to go about this for PROC SURVEYMEANS? Thanks in advance for any help! Sarah Sarah Tran, MPH Environmental Health Investigations Branch California Department of Health Services 3.Proc Surveymeans: ODS statement.

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